Let your baby interact with your computer safely


  • Lets young children interact with keyboards
  • Easy to add your own photos and images


  • Limited keys are enabled
  • No exit password

Not bad

Do you have a curious baby eager to tap away at your keyboard? Random stabbing at an active keyboard might result in accidental data loss or who knows what else, so CrazyLittleFingers has been created to keep computers safe from interested toddlers while allowing them to interact with the computer.

When activated, a full screen image will appear, and the keyboard will do nothing except change the image when certain keys are pressed. The download features the .exe file and a folder where images corresponding to keys are kept. Users can add, remove or change any of the images in the folders (organized from A to Z) making this completely customizable. While the program is running, you and your baby can't do anything to harm the system with random button pressing.

The program can be deactivated by clicking left Ctrl, Alt and Delete, which should be safe enough for all but the most OS-savvy babies! Currently only ten keys are enabled, which will hopefully be expanded in future updates, though babies might enjoy discovering which keys do things and which don't.

For young babies just learning cause and effect, this is probably a fun way to interact with a computer without the fear of damaging your system.




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